Christian Gallardo

Professional Overview

Meet Christian Gallardo

Christian Gallardo of Columbus, Ohio, is a highly qualified gymnastics trainer who has worked with multiple prominent athletes during his career. Before launching his coaching career, however, he was a competitive gymnast himself. He competed in high school and reached United States of America Gymnastics Level 10, the highest level achievable next to elite. During his competing years, Christian specialized in floor, vault, and parallel bars events. He earned multiple state and regional qualifications and earned several medals.

About Christian Gallardo

For a time, Christian Gallardo stepped away from gymnastics. He was a member of the United States Army and National Guard, where he earned several leadership awards and pursued advanced training courses. He attended Penn State World Campus for his Bachelor of Business Management degree, which has helped him navigate the rest of his career.

In 2005, Christian Gallardo took his first coaching position. He was a recreational gymnastics and tumbling coach at El Paso Sport for a year. Then, as his coaching skills developed, he began to move through other opportunities to coach at higher levels. His first experience coaching at the elite level as the Girl’s Team Elite Coach at Buckeye Gymnastics in Westerville, Ohia. He spent five years there coaching multiple events and developing numerous state, regional, national, and world champions. Prominent athletes Christian has coached include Nia Dennis, Gabby Douglas, Shania Adams, and Shilese Jones.

As time went on, however, Christian Gallardo had a vision for his own gym. In 2017, he founded Future Gymnastics Academy, where he operates as the owner, operator, and head coach. He enjoys getting to help athletes grow and foster their love for the sport of gymnastics. While running this gym, he also works as a business consultant for multiple high-level sports companies. Christian loves investing in athletes in a variety of ways and is always looking for new opportunities to connect with them and share his knowledge of the sport.

Christian Gallardo is deeply passionate about the personal benefits of sports. He believes that sports participation provides unique opportunities to learn life lessons and loves operating as a coach to help guide athletes through these critical lessons. Christian is a dedicated learner who is always eager to learn new things about gymnastics and has developed impressive leadership and interpersonal skills. He operates well under pressure and thrives in the gymnastics environment, including long days and stressful situations.

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